This is us!

We are Paul and Michele, the "P" and the "M" of PMA School Portraits. Combined we have three beautiful daughters, Alli, Ashley and Anna... the "A's" of PMA. Cute, right?

I, Michele Celentano have been a photographer for more than 30 years. In 1993 when I started my career in New York I photographed weddings in NYC and the surrounding areas. After moving to Arizona in 2002 I opened my first portrait studio where I specialized in photographing newborns, children and families. Paul and I met in 2007 and have been happily married for nearly 13 years. I have always loved photographing people and especially children and families.

We noticed a need in the community - a need for school portraits that did not look like mug shots. We noticed a need for parents to be able to see their children's school portraits before filling out a blank envelope, writing a check and keeping their fingers crossed in the hopes that maybe... just maybe this year there would be a decent school picture of their children. We noticed a need for parents to choose from more than one pose and expression.

We also noticed that parents needed an online and mobile way to shop for school portraits. After 30 years in professional photography we realized we could bring school portraits into the modern day with a fresh new look and a better customer experience than ever before. PMA School Portraits was born with a mission to make sure school portraits are no longer mug shots but portraits that parents will actually love and want.

We could not be more excited about redefining school portrait photography for students, parents and the schools we serve.